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A software to help your business manage your resources more efficiently. Make more informed, cost-effective decisions.

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Real-time online scheduler.

  • Save time with interactive, easy-to-use scheduler that provides immediate overview of employee status, work location and availability.
  • Create, edit and move events in seconds.
  • Avoid the use of spreadsheets and multiple files. All history and data is on your screen.
  • Reduce errors with our cloud-based online solution made for multiple users working on a single platform.

Smart filter,
helps you to find anything faster.

  • Quickly sort and filter employees based on their qualification, availability, skills and other characteristics.
  • Use tags for employees, projects and other relations to filter through large amounts of data.

Your data in the cloud.

  • Access your employee data anywhere and anytime
  • Synchronized data among all users in real time
  • No need for separate hosting on your servers. Data is stored on a Microsoft cloud. Weekly backups.
  • Encrypted connection secured with SSL certificate

Visual overview
on the map

  • Google maps interface is integrated directly into the software.
  • Choose the optimal location for the housing of your employees by selecting the houses on the map that are closest to the project location.
  • Quickly see which houses are occupied and which are free.

Manage your cars.

  • See the utilization of all your cars.
  • Keep track of who are the drivers and passengers in each car.
  • Have a detailed historical overview in case of damages or speeding tickets.
  • Filter cars based on model, capacity and location.

Manage your houses.

  • Have an immediate overview of all available houses.
  • Easily rearrange and swap employees for the best utilization of your resources.
  • See which houses are not being fully used, react on time and save costs.
  • Have a detailed historical overview in case of claims from the landlord.

Control efficiency with
dashboard and reports.

  • Quick overview of your company’s resources and their utilization (employees, cars, houses, projects).
  • Keep track of employee productivity (working, sick, holidays, etc.).
  • Focus on the markets that matter to you most.
  • Generate, print and convert to Excel ready-made reports for a detailed historical overview.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

See below our standard pricing plans. We are interested in finding the optimal solution for your company. For more than 3 user licenses, please contact our sales

eur 85 mo

per license
  • 1 user license
  • up to 100 employees

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eur 80 mo

per license
  • 2 user licenses
  • up to 200 employees
  • save 6 %
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eur 75 mo

per license
  • 3 user licenses
  • up to 300 employees
  • save 12 %
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A software to help your business manage your resources more efficiently. Make more informed, cost-effective decisions.


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